The Track Files site is an initiative by a few very seasoned four wheel drivers with literally decades of knowledge and experience out there and beyond the black stump. 

With many areas and tracks being closed by various land management for years we thought it time to share our knowledge of places to go out there that we know of but by utilising the latest navigational systems available to four wheel drivers.Track Files as is The Wallys is a subsidiary of Ultimate 4wd Training and as such is DPaW licenced.   

Whilst one area closes we will look and negotiate for other areas and tracks to be made available someplace out there in the real world.

All of those that are contributing are with Ultimate 4wd Training and collectively are known as 'The Wally's', theme being when we head out together; Where's Wally?! 

So the trips/events posted up on this site are all very much 'reconnaissance missions' in an attempt to map 4wd tracks and make these 4wd tracks a compatible file for the use of the varying GPS systems. 

The Wallys is made up of all those trainers and assistance's from Ultimate 4wd Training and any of our clients that would like to tag along on one of the Track File Reccies such as the first one Todd and Geoff completed Easter 2017 -

Here is a list of contributors so far from the Wallys - 'The FukoweeTiribe';

SAM 2425